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Name Position Date of Original Appt Current Term Expires

Phil Warner

Phil warner Chairman

District 4

representative Chairman

7/14/2015 4/15/2024

Steve Joiner

Steve Joiner

District 3 representative 6/28/2016 4/15/2022

Sarah Benjaram


District 2 representative


6/29/2021 4/15/2022

Keith Marine

Keith Marine

District 1 representative 6/29/2021 4/15/2022

Ben Myhre

Ben Myhre Commissioner

District 5 representative 5/15/2012 4/15/2022

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan

Public at-large representative 6/20/2017 4/15/2024

Julie Sisneros


Public at-large representative 8/27/2019 4/15/2024


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