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Coordination Committee

Coordination Committee


The Tehama County Coordination Committee’s mission is to assist the Tehama County Board of Supervisors in its ongoing efforts to ensure that the land use, planning, and management activities of all federal and state agencies maintaining jurisdiction over lands and/or resources located within the County of Tehama are coordinated with the planning processes of the County of Tehama and with the County’s adopted plans, as required by law.  Email questions or comments to the Coordination Committee .

The Committee will advise the Board regarding pending or proposed federal and state land use, planning, and management activities, and will help the Board identify opportunities for coordination and for the promotion of consistency between federal and state activities and Tehama County’s planning processes and adopted plans.

Federal & State Agency websites Coordination Committee Members
US Forest Service Schedule of Proposed Actions-California Supervisor Dennis Garton (Chairman)
Lassen National Forest Supervisor Bob Williams (Vice Chairman)
Shasta-Trinity National Forest Dave Hencratt, Tehama County Sheriff
Plumas National Forest Sylvia Milligan, Outdoor Recreation
Mendocino National Forest Doug Oilar, Grazing and Ranching
Bureau of Reclamation –
Northern California Area
Vicky Dawley, Timber and Water
William Alward, Member at Large
Federal Fish & Wildlife Service Roger Marsh, Member at Large
Kristen Maze, Tehama County Planning


♦ 9-24-2013 Yellow Legged Frog

♦ 9-24-2013 Black Backed Wood Pecker

♦ 4-15-2014 Spotted Owl

♦ 12-30-2014 Yellow Billed Cuckoo

♦ 2-03-2015 West Coast Population of Fisher

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