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Permit Information

We are excited to announce that in the next few months the Building Department will be transitioning to a new permit tracking software system.  We will be providing updates to the public as we get closer to implementation.

The following guideline is offered by the County Building Department to assist you in making an application for a building permit and expediting the issuance of the same.




Plot Plan Template


Solar Application/Checklist
Home Addition Information Garage, Shop, Barn, Outbuilding Cost Worksheet
Ag Exempt Permit Information Demolition Permit
Re-Roof Application
Temporary housing during construction


When you file for a building permit, the application will be reviewed by the following county departments.

  • The Planning Department review the plot plan for setback requirements, and whether the proposed use is allowed in the assigned zone. The Planning Department is located at 444 Oak St. Room I Red Bluff (next to the Building Dept.) 527-2200.
  • The Building Department will review project plans and your plot plan for flood hazard and code compliance. The Building Department is located at 444 Oak St. Room H Red Bluff. 527-7002.
  • The Environmental Health Department will review the plot plan for compliance with health related matters in conjunction with activities associated with well and waste disposal systems. The Environmental Health Department is located at 633 Washington St. Red Bluff, in the Old Courthouse basement. 527-8020.
  • The Fire Agency for Tehama County is CAL FIRE (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection). CAL FIRE reviews projects for compliance with the State Fire-Safe Regulation. CAL FIRE is located  at 633 Washington St. Red Bluff in the Old Courthouse. (530) 527-7986, (530) 529-8538 fax or email.
  • The Public Works Department for Tehama County  will review the plot plan for compliance with regard to Tehama County Maintained road encroachments, and significant grading projects. Public Works is located at 9380 San Benito Ave. Gerber. 385-1462.

All of the above departments will review your plot plan for large projects as:

  • Single Family Residence, Mobile Home installation, Garage, Shop, Outbuildings, Commercial.

Only Planning, Building, and Environmental Health will review your plot plan for small projects as:

  • Swimming Pools, and Uncovered Decks
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