Alternatives to Toxics



Clean without toxic chemicals and hazardous fumes!

Here are few alternatives to hazardous cleaning supplies:

 General cleaner  1 tsp. liquid soap, 1 tsp. borax, squeeze of lemon juice, and 1 quart water
 Glass  1/4-1/2 cup vinegar to 1 quart water
 Air freshener  Simmer cloves and cinnamon, ventilate
 Coffee cup stain remover  Moist salt
 Hand-cleaner (paint  removal)  Baby oil
 Mosquito repellent   Mix 6 drops of each: Citronella oil, neem oil, catnip oil, black pepper, and lavender  essential oil into a  30mL jar.
 Drain cleaner  Plunge. Follow with baking soda and vinegar. Let sit 15 minutes. Follow with 2 quarts  boiling water.
 Tile cleaner  Baking soda
 Copper  Lemon juice and salt
 Spot remover  Club soda, lemon juice or salt
 Linoleum floor cleaner  1 cup white vinegar to 2 gallons warm water