Tehama County Recycles



Why does Tehama County recycle?

- To conserve natural resources; making new products from recycled material allows raw material to remain in its natural state.

- To reduce environmental impacts; mining raw materials threatens habitat as well as air, water and soil quality.

- To reduce energy consumption; it only takes a small fraction of the energy to make new cans or bottles from old ones, as it does to mine and process fresh raw materials. This is true for steel, aluminum, glass, paper, and for most other metals in addition to California Redemption Value containers. For example, using recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy than mining new aluminum from ore

- To conserve space in the landfill

Every bit that can be recycled helps keep energy costs down and minimizes pollution associated with the manufacturing process!

Check out the A - Z Recycling Guide as a reference of how to recycle various materials from agricultural and automotive products to x-ray film and yardwaste!

Interested in starting your own plastic recycling enterprise? Check out Precious Plastic for everything you need to start recycling plastic at home!

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