Self Haul Tips

 Self-Haul Tips:

Secure your Load -else pay $10.00.

Unsecured Load pic

There is a $10.00 unsecured load fee will be assessed for all unsecured loads. To avoid the fee be sure to cover and tie down your load with a tarp or full-coverage fabric and rope.

Segregated Load

•  There is no charge for dropping-off recyclables. To avoid charging recyclables as trash, divide the load keeping all recyclables separate from trash prior to arrival. 

 •  Metal, e-waste, clean asphalt, concrete, brick, and dirt/soil up to 5 cubic yards are accepted free of charge. To avoid fee(s) be sure to separate each material type prior to arrival. 

•  To maximize efficiency, divide the load keeping yard waste separate from bulk metal and trash prior to arrival.


Carpet is recyclable! 

•  Free of Debris - make sure the carpet is clean, dry and free of debris.

•  Roll it up. 

•  Separate the carpet from the pad.

For more carpet recycling information please see the Post-Consumer Carpet Recycling Guide.

Recycling tips for carpet installers can be viewed here.