Abandoned Vehicle Abatement


The Tehama County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program (TCAVA) is a voluntary abatement program which allows the free removal of up to four abandoned or non-operational vehicles or vehicle parts (excluding tires) from your property within the Unincorporated Tehama County.

A Resolution was approved in 2004 to establish this program.  The TCAVA Program receives funds derived from a one dollar ($1.00) vehicle registration fee imposed upon vehicles registered to an owner with an address in Tehama County.  Such funds may be used for abatement, removal, and disposal of any abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or inoperative vehicle or parts from private or public property in accordance with the TCAVASA Plan.

Once a request form is filled out the Code Enforcement Officer visits the site and runs the vehicle's VIN# and License Numbers through the DMV database, once the vehicle is cleared, photos are taken of the vehicle inside and out.  The Environmental Health Department will contact the tow company and make arrangements for them to have the vehicle(s) towed away.  All we ask is that the tow company have easy access to the vehicle(s) or parts.



"Definition of "Abandoned Vehicles":

Abandoned vehicle is considered to be "abandoned" if it is left on a highway, public property, or private property in such inoperable or neglected condition that the owner's intent to relinquish all future rights or interest in it may be reasonably concluded.  In reaching a reasonable conclusion, one must consider the amount of time the vehicle has not been moved, it's condition, statements from the owner and witnesses, etc."

Vehicles not authorized to be removed under this program include:


  • Boats/Watercraft (unless on a trailer)
  • "Coaches" (over 8 ft. wide or 40 ft. long)
  • Mobile Homes/Park Models (larger than 8 ft. wide or longer than 40 ft.)
  • Cab-Over Campers/Camper Shells (unless they are attached to a vehicle  which qualifies for the program)
  • ATV/Quads/Mopeds & Scooters
  • Aircraft