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Official Court Reporters

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Official Court Reporters for Tehama County Superior Courts provide a record of all court proceedings in felony criminal, juvenile cases as provided by statute and/or local rule, and in family law and civil cases other than small claims and traffic matters. Feel free to contact our office if you wish to have a matter reported which would otherwise not have a reporter present; arrangements can be made to have a reporter present. 

The Official Reporters provide both Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) and Real-time Reporting services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How may I obtain a transcript of court proceedings?  

Attorneys or private citizens who wish to purchase a verbatim written record of court proceedings may purchase a transcript from the Court Reporter who reported the proceedings. You may contact the Court Reporter directly by e-mail, by calling the Court Reporters Office or by filling out a Transcript Order Request available at the Clerk's Office. 

The following information will be needed: date of hearing, case number and name, name of judge or courtroom in which the hearing was held. Please specify if you are requesting the entire hearing transcript, just the Order of the Judge, or the specific portion of the hearing you need. 

Transcripts are purchased on a per-page basis (folios), as governed by Government Code 69950. The Court Reporter will contact you with an estimate of the cost of the requested transcript. The Reporter will not begin preparation of the transcript until full payment has been received. Any over-estimate amount will be refunded to the paying party. 

The Tehama County Superior Court employs licensed pro tempore reporters on a regular basis. If the name of the Court Reporter who reported the hearing in not listed on this website, please contact our office at (530) 527-5648 and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate pro tem reporter. Please include a telephone number where the court reporter may contact you. 

Who do I contact regarding pro tem court reporter work?

If you are a licensed California Certified Shorthand Reporter, call or e-mail one of the Official Reporters listed above. Please inform us if you do Real-Time reporting.