Adoption Fees And Policies

Please be aware that state law requires every dog owner, after his /her dog attains the age of four months, must obtain a license from the county and procure its vaccination by a licensed veterinarian with an approved canine rabies vaccine. If you chose not to spay or neuter your dog prior to four months of age, you still must license your dog to comply with state law requirements. 

Adopting a shelter animal:


  • $125


  • $90

License Fees For Dogs

Spayed or neutered animals: $10.00/yr or $25/3yr

Above with senior discount: $8.00/yr or $20/3yr

Unaltered dogs: $25.00/yr or $60/3yr

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HOLDS: Animals can be placed on a 24 hour hold by calling our office.

Since the majority of pets that come into our shelter are strays, all information we know about that pet is listed on Petfinder.

Stray/Impound Fee

If an owner loses a pet they can check with our office during office hours, impound and boarding fees will apply for all animals impounded with the Animal Care Center. Additional fees for licensing could apply before the animal is released.  In addition, any animals impounded that are not spayed or neutered will be subject to a civil penalty in accordance with state law.

Animal Surrender

Animal surrenders are handled on a case by case basis and only with prior manager approval.  Please call the Care Center for more information at (530) 527-3439.