Stray Dogs in Our Care

Below are stray dogs currently at the Tehama County Animal Care Center. The listings are updated hourly, but may NOT be a complete list of all the animals at the shelter. If you are missing your dog, check the list frequently, making sure to scroll through all strays. 

If you think your dog might be in our care, please call us at (530) 527-3439.

In general, impounded animals are held for 4 business days, not counting the day of arrival, Sundays, or holidays. After the stray holding period, animals are evaluated for basic health and behavior, and may be made available for adoption, transferred to other rescue groups or humanely euthanized. 



Volunteering with the Tehama County Animal Care Center


Volunteers Help Save Lives!


Join a wonderful group of people and make new friends- two legged and four legged! The gift of your time can be extremely rewarding, and there are many ways that you can get involved. 


How Can You Help?


We are always looking for volunteers who want to help our animals find their new forever homes. We couldn't do it without our committed volunteers! You can be involved in a variety of different ways: training and exercising the dogs, socializing the cats, helping with daily cleaning, fostering animals, helping with events, and much more!

We have two basic types of volunteers- In shelter volunteers and foster care volunteers. 

  1. In shelter volunteers work at the Animal Care Center in a variety of activities- follow the directions below to join our team!
  2. Foster care volunteers care for cats and dogs in their own home- see below if you are only interested in fostering
  3. Combo volunteers- many volunteers want to do both in shelter activities and fostering! If you want to do both, please sign up below as an in shelter volunteer first and then we will connect with to our foster team. 


Who Can Help?


The Tehama County Animal Care Center welcomes volunteers of all ages:

  • Independent Volunteers: If you are 18 years of age or older and do not need any special assistance with your daily activities, you are an independent volunteer! 
  • Teen Volunteers: If you are age 16 or older, you can volunteer without adult supervision. Volunteers age 16-17 may volunteer  independently. However, these teens are held to the same expectations of adult volunteers. If you need to complete your senior project, please call us directly at (530) 527-3439. 
  • Teen Volunteers: If you are age 12-15, you can volunteer with your parent or guardian's supervision. All volunteers under the age of 16 must have their parent or guardian attend orientation and plan to volunteer with them. Parents must also complete a volunteer application. Teens and their adult partners can do almost everything that any regular member of the volunteer team can do. Some activities are not appropriate for all ages and may have an age restriction. 
  • Children: If you are under the age of 12, you won't be able to volunteer at our shelter site, but can still help the shelter animals by working on community projects! Donation drives, pet treat bags, and fundraisers are all way children can help. Call the Animal Care Center for more information!


How Can You Help?



First, decide if the Tehama County Animal Care Center Volunteer Program is right for you. Please join us if you can:

  • Commit to treating all animals with respect. Shelter animals have been through a lot! They need our patience and understanding.
  • Commit to helping the animals by following our guidelines. We all have the same goal- to help our animals find new homes. Consistent, positive enrichment will help our adoptable pets present their best selves to potential adopters, and you can help enforce those behaviors. 
  • Commit to providing excellent customer service to our visitors, staff, and fellow volunteers. 
  • Commit to using online volunteer system and following shelter protocol in all areas.
  • Understand that the shelter environment is challenging, rewarding, chaotic, wonderful, heart-breaking, fulfilling, and lots of hard work!

Second, sign up!

Animal Laws & Permits

Animal Regulation in Your Area

Tehama County Animal Regulation, a Division of the Tehama County Sheriff's Department, serves the unincorporated areas of Tehama County. You can find their website here

If you live with-in the city limits of Red Bluff or Corning, you should contact your city's Animal Regulation office:

Tehama County Animal Regulation

2840 Antelope Blvd, Red Bluff, CA 96080

(530) 529-7900 ext 1                                                         

Red Bluff City Police Department

555 Washington Street, Red Bluff, CA 96080

(530) 527-3131 ext 1

Corning City Police Department

774 Third Street, Corning, CA 96021

(530) 824-7000 ext 1   

Kennel Permits

No person shall own or keep more than five dogs over the age of four months on any lot of premises as a private dog owner. Person(s) keeping or owning more than five dogs over four months of age on any lot or premises shall have such lot or premises designated and licensed as either a commercial kennel or hobby kennel or, in the alternative, have a working dog license. (Ord. 1798 § 2(part), 2003)

To learn more, view Tehama County Code, Chapter 7.20

Prior to applying for a kennel permit, you must first determine if your property is zoned for a kennel. Learn about the laws and regulations for owning and operating a kennel in Tehama County. Prior to putting in a kennel, contact Tehama County Planning Department to determine if you qualify for a kennel use permit. 


See All Tehama County Animal Codes

Employee List

Animal Services Employees

Click on a name below to connect with that person


Contact Area Of Responsibility
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Animal Care Center Kennel Attendant

Support the Tehama County Animal Care Center!


Your Support Helps Save Lives!


Tehama County Animal Services needs your help to continue to provide quality animal care services for the more than 2,200 animals that come to our shelter every year. All donations are tax deductible!


Donate Items to the Shelter

The Tehama County Animal Care Center always needs items to make our dogs, cats and other animals more comfortable. Check out our shelter wish list and donate today!

Shelter Wish List                     Kuranda Bed Donation


Donate Money to Support the Shelter

Help us help our animals. Your donation helps the shelter provide a variety of services to the animals in our care. 


Donate in Honor of Someone You Love

Make a donation in honor of someone- to celebrate a birthday, wedding, holiday, or another special occasion- or in memory of someone. If you wish, you can request an acknowledgement of your donation be sent by mail to the honoree or family. 


Become a Volunteer

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