Green Building Code Compliance

Construction tape

Demolition and/or Construction Projects in Tehama County may need to comply with: 


                                                 √ City of Red Bluff Construction and Demolition Ordinance

                                                 √ California Green Building Code

                                                 √ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Construction

To comply with the Green Building Code, and/or LEED standards, the permit holder shall:
  1. Complete a Waste Management Pre-Construction Plan prior to issuance of a building or demolition permit and submit to the address below in person or by certified mail. 

  2. Submit a completed Waste Management Plan Final Report within 30 days after project completion to the address provided below in person or by certified mail.

  3. Demonstrate that at least 65% (by weight or volume, not both) of jobsite debris was diverted from disposal in a landfill by providing receipts and/or gate tags from all facilities and service providers used for recycling, reuse and disposal of jobsite debris.

                               Tehama County Solid Waste Management Agency

                               20000 Plymire Rd.

                               Red Bluff, CA 96080

Please use the Green Building Code Guidance document and memo to help comply with the Code and complete the aforementioned forms. 

Construction and Demolition Debris Reuse and Recycling Program brochure

Please see the brochure and the Self-haul Tips page for information regarding specific material types. With further questions contact the Agency at 530-528-1103.